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Feeling Like a Sloth

After two solid weeks of traveling that included three destinations (two of which were on the Left Coast) I’m feeling the effects. Between travel fatiguing my body, the bad eating habits I get in when away from home and the fact that I’ve been off the bike for two straight weeks, I feel like a sloth. Here’s to getting back on the bike and spinning myself back to normal over the next week or so!

Dear Central Park Runners (Part 2)

Dear Central Park Runners,

Please don’t spit over your right shoulder as that would be me in the bike lane.

Flywheel Fred


I’ve been thinking a lot about gears these day. I ride a pretty entry level road bike and my Sora gearset would definitely be the weak link on my ride. Whether I upgrade the gearset on my current bike or buy a new bike, I’m giving a lot of thought to the gears and especially the configuration. I found this great web app to help in that process: Gear Calculator.

If you visit that site via the link I’ve provided, you’ll see my current configuration (a triple) on top and what I’m likely looking for in a new compact double setup. You can play with any variable on this site and see how it impacts the results. In this configuration I’d have an 11/28 in the back. Ideally I’d like a 10/30, but so far I haven’t been able to find a reasonable way to implement that configuration. Since it’s so custom, it gets expensive, but also risks a setup that doesn’t really work smoothly. Since I’m looking for a 105 or Ultegra gearset, the 11/28 is the closest I’ll get.

Gran Fondo NY 2013

Dear Central Park Runners (Part 1)

Dear Central Park Runners,

Please LOOK before veering right into the bike lane. Sure, I can almost certainly avoid you, but that heart rate spike really messes with my Strava stats.

Flywheel Fred

Central Park Mornings

Morning Cycling in Central Park:

  • 5:30-7:00=Athletes (Campagnolo/Cannondale)
  • 7:00-9:00=Fitness Buffs (Giant/Jamis)
  • After 9:00=Tourists (CitiBike)


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