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NYC Tour de Parks

2014-02-01 10.44.05The weather has not been hospitable to cyclists and I decided against any number of posts complaining about said weather. Or recap indoor trainer rides. Sure, this is what happens in the winter and the indoor trainer rides are important overall. But even the best training videos can get old really fast. Eventually you want to feel the bike move forward when you push on the pedals. Full stop.

Yesterday the cold spell finally broke and it’s amazing how great 38F feels when it’s been in the teens! While I was certainly layered, I didn’t even wear the winter jacket today and I felt great. Other than a few Icebreaker wool layers, my Biemme GFNY long sleeve jersey was perfect. And have I mentioned how awesome these jerseys are? Highly visible, warm and great circulation to avoid getting damp and sticky. Just great stuff.

2014-02-01 12.27.02

When I left my apartment I wasn’t really sure where I was planning to ride. I wanted to avoid the 9W route knowing that I’ll be there tomorrow with the GS-GFNY team, so I decided on a more leisurely ride though Upper Manhattan and Randall’s Island. This also allowed me to pick a few few areas to really ride all out for those short segments. What resulted was the Tour de Parks – I managed to ride through eight NYC parks:

  1. Highbridge Park
  2. Harlem River Park
  3. Randall’s Island Park
  4. Ward’s Island Meadow
  5. Carl Schurz Park
  6. Central Park
  7. Riverside Park
  8. Fort Washington Park

2014-02-01 12.24.49It was really a beautiful ride – even with the obnoxious amount of salt and grit on the dry roads plus the ice and slush in some places. While I did have to ride some busier streets, it’s kind of enjoyable when there isn’t a lot of traffic on a Saturday morning, the weather is generally pleasant and people are all just happy to be outside without an uncountable number of warm layers.

For those that haven’t been, riding on Randall’s Island is particularly pleasant and generally devoid of vehicles. It’s a bit creepy passing the psychiatric ward, and a little off-putting to pass the water treatment plant. But there are both bike paths and roads that are very accommodating for a cyclist and a very easy to traverse footbridge from 102nd Street in Manhattan. Give it a try!