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Warm Weather & The Deed is Done

Over the winter on the Facey-space, I took a lot of flack over my stance on leg shaving for male cyclists. I boldly said something along the lines of, “you won’t see me shaving my legs!” Fast forward several months and with the arrival of warm weather, THE DEED IS DONE!

What gives? What changed my stance?

I want to be perfectly clear about this. I’m comfortable with my decision and my logic, and it boils down to a simple word…


Wait, what?!?

My teammates and group riding comrades told me I’d be more aerodynamic and ride faster. Yeah, sure, whatever. If I was a competitive racer, this might matter, but that 1/1000th of a second on a century ride is nothing compared to the speed I’d gain if I lost a few pounds. They also told me I’d heal faster/cleaner after a crash. This one makes sense, but I have a better philosophy: DON’T CRASH. (OK, I know I can’t guarantee I’ll prevent this, but here’s hoping.)

So in the end, this is all about vanity. I’m a Fred and, let’s face it, Fred’s shave their legs. Simple as that. It’s time to look the part.

And now that the deed is done? I have to admit, the breeze feels quite nice…