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GWB Incident w/ a Gunman

Today Faraz and I planned a little Friday morning ride to enjoy another lovely “early spring”-like day. It was a simple plan – up 9W to The Market for coffee and a scone, then back through Tenafly and home. A simple, 30-mile ride.

All went well until we got back to the GWB and were riding into Manhattan. Traffic was stopped (not just slow, stopped) and about halfway across the bridge we were waved back by an NYPD Officer with a high powered rifle. We heard the word “gunman” and gladly followed police instructions.

We later learned that it was a suicidal man with a pellet gun and the police ultimately rescued him with no shots fired. We rode an extra 10-miles each way to take the ferry for Port Imperial back to Manhattan. Here’s some footage of what we saw on the bridge: