Flywheel Fred works in advertising technology, rides a road bike and climbs rocks. He also drinks his share of alcohol. But not while riding or climbing. (Definitely while working, though.) Fred decided that he has some thoughts to share regarding road cycling, especially as it pertains to the NYC area. And he’ll share an occasional though on rock climbing as well.

Fred began cycling during a period often known as a midlife crisis. Fred wasn’t really in crisis mode, but after taking up cycling in early 2012 his new hobby soon became an obsession. He rode his first century in August 2012 (The North Fork Century which is dead flat.) At the insistence of a friend he signed up for the much more grueling Gran Fondo NY (GFNY) for May 2013. For the six months leading up to the GFNY he trained religiously and on even the most brutal winter days (HTFU and all that). During those six months he lost 20-pounds and his mild obsession began to get serious.

The GFNY 2013 was an epic ride: 105-miles, ~8,000 feet of climbing, 55° F and rain all damn day. Having finished that ride, Fred continues to look for similar challenges on the roads. Fred is scheduled to ride at last two more centuries in 2013.